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    Orioles Minor League Free Agents - Who to re-sign?

    Written by Oldorioles

    Adair has a chance, especially with the family connection. I think we'll need a 2B at Bowie since Pena faltered badly last season.

    We traded Canzler to get Alderson. That may not be much, but I don't think we're giving up on him yet. He had an impressive 81K:22BB ration this season, and did well for a 24 yo in AAA.

    The George Barber experiment didn't really work. Glad they tried, but I think they move on.

    Bascom has been with us a long time, being drafted a round ahead of Jake Arrieta in 2007. He's a 28 yo in AA with pedestrian numbers. I think that's it.

    Bischoff pitched nicely at Bowie, I think he's got a good chance to come back, maybe even with a promotion.

    Zach Clark was all over the affiliates this year. It was laudable creative thinking to have him try to knuckleball. I think most everyone roots for him. His results were not good, but it was only three months. It'l be interesting to see if they stick with it.

    Delcarmen put up great numbers in AAA at age 31, but I suspect they move on here. We sign several guys like this each year.

    Exposito has a chance to be retained, but I think it's fair to say he's been disappointing since his waiver pick up. They may retain Snyder in AAA, also Joseph and Ward are knocking on the door at Norfolk. Exposito might get shoved out.

    It was interesting to see Hendrickson come back at age 39 with a new delivery. He was alright, but not good enough for a September call up and my guess is that he'll retire again now.

    We picked Horton up for a PTBNL, he played all over the infield and hit decent. However, he was 27 and in Bowie. Maybe they'll bring him back but I don't think so.

    Hudson came back to the Orioles family and hit .292 at Bowie. I think he'll be one of the few outfielders we currently have who will make it onto the Tides roster next year.

    Chris Jones must be re-signed. At 24, he had a 2.85 ERA in Bowie. We got him for Luis Ayala. He walks too many guys and needs to miss more bats but I don't see how you give up on him.

    Liddi has some power and a little speed. He was only 24 and in Norfolk. However, he couldn't hit .250 and he posted his lowest OPS since 2008. I hope we take a longer look and retain him.

    Loman was obtained from the White Sox for cash. He has power and posted an 800+ OPS for six straight years before this year. However, he's 27, in AA, and his OPS fell to 756. I think we'll probably move on.

    Luis Martinez was a nice waiver pick up for us from Texas. He did alright for us this season, but I don't know if there's room for him. I think Ohlman will be promoted to AA and Chavez (.292 AVG, 823 OPS) also deserves a promotion. Both are younger than Martinez.

    McCutchen got off to a slow start because of his suspension. He pitched well at Norfolk, as he typically does. He'll be 31 next season. I think the Orioles will let him go.

    Navarro came from Pittsburgh when we traded them Medina. He had a cup of coffee in the bigs this year. He's error-prone, but I've always liked him. At age 25 he played primarily in Norfgolk with a 767 OPS. I don't think you give up on a middle infielder with numbers like that at his age.

    Nivar has always been tantalizing because of the speed of his fastball. I'm over him though. He's 24 now and still walks more guys than he strikes out, and he's still only made it up to Delmarva. I think he should not be re-signed, but I saw he was at instructs, so they'll probably re-sign him.

    Robinson is still only 25 and we got him for Andino. He really, really had a disappointing season. He was demoted to Bowie and finished by batting .247, now he did come on at the end and he's still young. Also, we don't have many good OF prospects in the high minors. I'm 50/50 here.

    Romero did alright this year, but he was 28 and in Bowie. Rosa is five years younger and was just re-signed, so I think Romero is out the door.

    Russell is a mountain of a man who pitched in Norfolk at age 30. He had a nice ERA but walked too many. Much like Delcarmen, Asencio, and McCutchen, I think he winds up somewhere else.

    Schlereth was hurt almost the entire year. They may want to give him a mulligan and see what he's got next year, but my guess is we move on. 

    Waring had gargantuan power. He's been with us so long, it's hard to believe we got him for Ramon Hernandez. He hits lots of home runs every year. Even though he hit 25 this past season, his OPS was the second lowest in seven years. He's going to be 27 and only batted .217 last season. I think we move on.

    Weems, the player and not the moderator, finally made it past Aberdeen this season. He batted .253 at Delmarva with a low (542) OPS. However, with the new catching corps of guys including Sisco and Wynns, I just don't see a place for him

    Wheeler has his second try at AAA and this season he succeeded. He played all over the infield and managed to bat .275 with a 761 OPS. I think he should be retained.

    Zinicola had a fine season, pitching to a 2.92 ERA wish a nice 58K:22BB ratio. The problem is that he'll be 29 and was pitching at Bowie. My guess is if they didn't think he deserved Norfolk, they probably won't re-sign him.

    San Miguel improved his offensive numbers this year of last. At 25, he was one of the oldest players in Frederick. Sawyer is coming up and I think Russell might as well. Not sure there's room for three catchers.

    Summary: I'll guess they keep Adair, Alderson, Hudson, Jones, Liddi, Navarro, Robinson, and Wheeler.

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