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    Doc Rocks the Mini Camp

    Written by DocShorebird

    Day 2 (Wed January 15) at Pitchers Mini-camp in Sarasota

    In spite of some calling this “day 3,” Wednesday is the second official day of Mini-camp. The weather has cooperated to allow out-door batting and infield practice for the position players in camp. In my opinion, the most impressive hitting by far has been by Cuban Outfielder Dariel Alvarez. This is only batting practice, but Alvarez consistently hit laser shots over the left-center field fence. He has a smooth and powerful swing … but again, this is only batting practice.

    Pitching coach Dave Wallace closely watched Hunter Harvey and Parker Bridwell pitch. They are supposed to be pitching sat about 60% of full speed, but it was a good chance for Coach Wallace to see their form. Manager Buck Showalter is hoping that Wallace can see why Bridwell can go nine innings with 13 strikeouts one day and then fall off for several games. Bridwell himself feels that sometimes he has body parts moving in uncoordinated directions. Last year Bridwell added a curve ball to his repertoire.

    Hunter Harvey’s father, All-Star reliever Bryan Harvey, has been in camp both days. He has been helpful in showing Tommy Hunter and Steve Johnson his splitter grip.

    Nolan Reimold feels good, but his recovery is not complete. His neck is “heads and shoulders” improved, but the healing process will be slow for his nerves down his arm and hands. He will be unrestricted in resuming baseball activities, but he needs a chance to run and hit in good weather before spring training. His vertebrae damage was more severe than once thought and some new medical techniques including stem cells and electrical stimulation were required to being about the healing.

    While we were being “debriefed” by Manager Buck Showalter in his office, Delmon Young walked by and shouted in to Buck, “223 pounds.” Buck quickly did a few keystrokes on his laptop computer and called up all of Delmon’s weights from the past few years. “That’s in a good range for him and as good as I’ve seen him. There have been years when I doubt if he would walk past me without a shirt on.”


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