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    Chris Tillman with a Shout Out to the OH

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Tillman privately after the game today.  

    On the record thoughts.

    Chris was not concerned with his outing today at all "Sometimes that happens."

    He threw mostly fastballs at close to full effort to keep himself in rhythm for Sunday's start for the Orioles. He felt fine, had a hard time getting his feel for his offspeed pitches. He did not know that he was clocked at 95 MPH.

    Chris knows he has some loyal fans at Orioles Hangout and is very grateful. He sends his thanks for all the support.

    He said that he was only supposed to throw 70 pitches or so, and that he was glad to get the opportunity to pitch in game conditions as opposed to simply a side session. He appears even bigger and stronger than the last time that I talked with him in spring training, had no ice on his shoulder, and was simply relaxing on the sofa while we talked.

    I noticed that he did some fairly significant long toss before his bullpen warm up, but I did not ask him anything about that.

    He said that Brady helped him get much stronger and he absolutely attributes his increased velocity to that training. He really respects Brady and thanks him for all his hard work to get to this point. I asked Chris about his repeatable delivery and he seemed very happy that we had noticed that. Chris offered that he felt that he was much more compact and he did not notice any difference when men were on or off the bases.

    I told Tillman that we had attended the BioMechanics seminar that Rick Peterson gave and that he had been used as an example of the process. I mentioned that Rick had stressed measuring the process rather than the result and Chris agreed that that is what they had been concentrating on. I asked him what the analysis was like for him and he said at first it was a little strange, but the key was to buy into it and he did completely. Chris said that the whole evaluation was a little weird, and they did all kinds of things to him in the initial workup. He says he follows the pitching coordinator's direction and thinks that small changes were definitely able to help him with timing and repetition. 

    I chatted with him a bit more on a personal level and told him that we would show up in droves to support him on Sunday, which really makes him happy. Chris Tillman is as nice and honest a young man as I think I have ever met in baseball and I thank him for his time and his efforts on the diamond.

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