• Apr

    Dipper9 watches the Ninth Inning


    1. Davis homered. "Damn, that was striaghtaway center. That man has amazing power. Another one run loss. Damnit!"

    2. Wieters gets out. "Too little too late, just like Monday."

    3. Hardy gets out. "Well, at least Davis padded his stats."

    4. Flaherty. "CMon Buck, do we not have ANYONE on the bench that at least gives us a chance? Flaherty can't hit water if he fell out of a boat right now." 

    5. Flaherty base hit. "Well well, look at that. C'Mon Nolan, hit it out Baby!"

    6. Nolan walks. "Man, Nolan has a really good eye even though he's not getting hits right now." 

    7. After the 2-2 pitch flinch by the ump. "Oh man, the ump flinched. I thought for sure he was gonna ring him up."

    8. After the 3-2 walk. "Holy smokes, Nate's got nerves of steel to take that pitch."

    9. Wild pitch. "HOLY smokes! We tied it up, we tied it up!"

    10. Manny 3 run blast!!!! "ITS GONE!!!!!!"

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