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    VaTech1994 Drops some Knowledge

    Our good friend VaTech1994 did a bit of work on Kuroda last night-



    I went to count up the at bats in the game to see the ratio of takes/swings. Here is the count:

    First Pitch
    Took for a ball - 10 at bats
    Took for a strike - 12 at bats
    Swung at - 10 at bats

    Of the ten at bats that we took the first pitch, I looked to see if the hitter swung at the first strike they saw (assumed put in play was a strike swing)
    5 at bats the hitter took the first strike after an initial ball
    5 at bats the hitter swung at the first strike after an initial ball

    Some trending:
    In the first inning, 3 of 4 Orioles took the first strike. Nate swung at the first pitch of the game but it was a very good strike / pitch to hit.

    Kuroda had thrown only 6 first pitch balls that were taken through the first 7 innings (25 hitters), before starting all three hitters off with balls in the 8th inning.

    This data tells me that overall patience wasn't the problem. We took a lot of pitches at times during the game and ended up down in the count almost every time when we did.

    For my two cents, I thought Kuroda was virtually perfect last night. I counted two pitches all night that could have been "driven". He was very impressive to me. I've seen him pitch about 10 times now and that was the best I've ever seen him by a fairly wide margin and I think he is fairly tough normally. I had no issue with him shutting us down last night other than being upset that we ran into a pitcher that was having that good of a game.

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