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    LookitsPuck Talked with Dan Duquette

    Poster LookitsPuck got to speak with Dan on some current issues today.

    Dan was very candid. Some interesting takeaways:

    - They view McFarland long term as a starter
    - Schoop will most likely contribute with the Orioles THIS year
    - Gausman will be up with the O's this year
    - Steve Johnson will be here sooner than everyone thinks

    I asked him about Flaherty. In particular what advanced metrics they use to see progression since his obvious statistics show a struggling hitter. And I asked how long is a proper amount of time before they make a move with him.

    Basically he said it's no secret that he is struggling. Didn't say any particular advanced statistics. Focused on his defense....said he's been very good. Said Flaherty will turn it around. He thinks soon.

    As for how long before making a move? Nothing specific, but said they are keeping high standards for their players. If they don't meet it in proper time...they WILL make a move. Was nice to hear. Also mentioned that he has some mechanical issues.

    I got the impression that Flaherty is only still up here for his defense. They see something that is turning him around. Commented that he has good power from the left side especially at Camden. I feel he has short leash. Maybe 2-3 weeks. Especially with Dan mentioning Schoop at some point this year.

    Going to the game. Hope this post was somewhat interesting. Go O's!

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