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    Tony Pente on The Fan

    Transcribed by OFFNY


    Are you generally satisfied with our 3-3 road stand ???: TONY: No on likes to lose 2 out of 3 to Tampa Bay, but I think that we are in good shape at 35-28 overall, and with the 3-3 road stand. For some reason, the Rays' pitchers seem to execute well when they go up against us, although we really clobbered Matt Moor yesterday. I still think that the Red Sox and Yankees are playing above their heads ESPECIALLY the Red Sox. I think that they both will come down from where they are in the W-L column, and we'll be right there with them pretty soon. 

    The Orioles' Starting Pitching Struggles: TONY: It's been a tough go for Kevin (Gausman) in his first few starts. For me, he's just a guy that really isn't ready for the majors yet. He has all the stuff to be a big league pitcher, but he hasn't been able to throw good pitches consistently. He still leaves too much of the ball over the plate with a lot of his pitches. That's gonna have to get better soon if he is to remains with the Orioles, or he'll probably be down in AAA-Norfolk or AA-Bowie for a while so he can continue to improve his game.

    Dylan Bundy: TONY: I think they are going to take it slow with him. They put him on a throwing progression. I think that the EARLIEST that he will be with us will be in mid-July. I think that they should send him down to a low-level minor league team to start with (maybe the Advanced-Rookie League Ironbirds), and gradually let him work his way back up. There's NO RUSH to get him back up. He won't be the answer for us this year, especially with the injuries that he has been dealing with.

    The Trade Deadline: TONY: Just like almost everything else, I think that it will come down to starting pitching. They still need a number one guy. Tillman has been our most consistent starter. Hammel has taken a back step since last season. Gonzalez has been solid, but none of them (Tillman, Gonzalez, and Hammel) have been a real stopper. When the deadline comes, we probably won't get a Cliff Lee unless the Phillies agree to eat a lot of the cash. The Orioles are inherently against spending that much money on a pitcher. It's really tough when you are looking at $24 or $25 million dollars a year, PLUS the prospects that we'll probably have to give up to get someone like that. I think that Zach Britton will get another chance before we bring in another guy like Saunders from last year, especially with Chen coming back. 

    From the minor leagues: TONY: Nick Delmonico is just tearing it up at Advanced-A Frederick. Was told with the way that the ball comes off the bat and his good plate coverage, he reminds Torrie Tyson of Robinson Cano. He's only 20 years-old. I think he'll eventually wind up having more power than Cano. He's had some injuries earlier this year like a concussion and a fouled ball off of his foot, but those are generally freak things more so than him being injury-prone.

    What do you attribute to the Orioles' Offense Improvement at the Plate ??? 

    TONY: I think it's a matter of maturity. They are coming into their prime years. Adam Jones is never going to be a high O.B.P. guy, but he is hitting .300 this season, and he's showing power. His defense has improved after some struggles earlier this season, also. At the end of the day, I think that he (Jones) is one of the best outfielders in major league baseball. With Chris Davis, it's the same. Of the mistakes that we used to see from him (Davis) in the past, we are seeing less of. Both Jones and Davis have improved their plate discipline.

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