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    Tony Pente from 105.7 7/24

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    Eduardo Rodriguez: TONY: I saw him pitch last night. He looked very polished for a 20 years-old, and he's already at AA-Bowie. The slider can be good at times, it's his 3rd pitch. It flattens out on him occasionally, but overall, it's good. To me, he's easily the 3rd best starting pitching prospect in the organization behind Bundy and Gausman.

    Francisco Rodriguez: TONY: He's just here for the stretch run. If he pitches well, we could offer him a contract for next season, but for now, our only concern with his is the stretch run, which is what we got him for. He had off-season issues with charges of domestic violence, charges that were eventually dropped. That, combined with his mediocre season in 2012 put him in a position in which he really had no choice but to take a minor league deal with the Brewers. Since then, he's pitched really well (2013 season.) He's a big strikeout pitcher, which is a great addition to our bullpen. We don't have a guy like that in our bullpen (a big strikeout guy.) I think he's a nice fit for this team. If Jim Johnson gets injured and/or is not available to pitch because he needs rest, it will probably be Rodriguez that will close for us. He has 304 career saves, has pitched a lot in the post-season, and he is not going to be scared about pitching in the AL East and/or high leverage situations. He's done it before. I think he has everything going for him, and he's going to throw well for the Orioles. 

    Erik Bedard: TONY: I know that he's pitched well in some of his starts this season, but he is the kind pitcher that is looking to get pulled after 100 pitches. I'm not sure that hes a fit for this team, and I'm not sure that he is that much better than Hammel. I don't think that he would make much of a difference on this team. I think that his teammate Bud Norris would be the best fit for this team if we are looking to add a starting pitcher to the current lineup that we have.

    Henry Urrutia: TONY: He's not a pull hitter. He goes to both fields. He's not a big power guy, but I think he will be a similar hitter to Nick Markakis in that he'll have a high batting average, a high O.B.P., and hit about 15-20 HR's once he settles in. 

    What was the buzz on the OH message board after last night's loss ??? TONY: I'll tell you what, that Kansas City bullpen has some really arms. If it was that easy to get the sac fly in that situation (a runner on 3rd base with less than 2 outs), they would have done it. It's not like they weren't trying, and has been said many times before, even the best hitters in the game don't always come through in clutch situations. We have a nice run, we just won 4 games in a row before that loss last night, and had won 8 out of our previous 10 games. I'm not going to be too upset over losing 1 game.

    Chris Davis: TONY: He was on a nice run before the All-Star beak. Since then, he's gotten a hit in every game but one. I have no concern that Davis will suddenly stop hitting for power and/or that he hasn't hit a home run since the home run derby. Oriole fans have gotten a little spoiled with him because of his torrid first half of the season.

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