• Nov

    Dear Sir:

    As told by Hank Scorpio in rants:



    This morning during our respective commute into work, you were in the left lane of 795 and I was in the right lane. There was a truck in front of me as we approached Franklin Blvd. You made a couple awkward suggestive swerves, but since I saw no blinker, I thought nothing of it. You then accelerated ahead of the truck in front of me & cut him off (again without using your blinker.) 

    Once we arrived at the light for Red Run, I pulled up next to you to make my right. I glanced over and you had bestowed upon me your middle finger, apparently upset that I couldn't read your mind. In defense of my honor, I rolled down my window and called you a dipper9 and suggested next time perhaps you utilize your turn signal. 

    Good day!!!!

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