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    Shorebirds 2b Anthony Caronia Hit in Jaw by 95 MPH FastballF

    Anthony Caronia Update from KarlofDelaware and DrShorebird


    Caronia got hit with a pitch from Greensboro pitcher Domingo German, who was throwing a fastball up to 95 mph. It appeared to hit Caronia in the jaw area. Caronia bled a lot, and the ump had the groundskeepers come out on the field to clean up the area around home plate.


    From the Dr. 

    Anthony has been placed on the DL. 

    Trainer Trek Shuler was the first to reach him at home plate and place a towel on the nose/mouth area. The Salisbury FD medics immediately jumped the wall and began treatment. Eventually he was taken off the field, partially under his own power with the medical personnel holding him up by the armpits as he "walked." No stretcher was used. From where I sit, directly behind the ump, the pitch appeared to hit him at the nose/mouth and spin his head. He dropped directly to home plate face down. I haven't seen the photo described by Snutchy, but I would guess he has a severe injury to the nose and/or teeth. The pitcher had been consistently hitting 95 on the stadium radar, but many pitches were wild. Just a couple of pitches before Anthony was hit, the pitcher threw one over the catcher's head that went all the way to the backstop in the air, landing just beneath me. Many of his pitches had been high and inside.

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