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    Jonesy10 Tells Us Why It Is Ok To Be Happy

    The Orioles got dealt the injury bug early in the year (Machado missing 25 games, Wieters out for the season, Davis out for 2 weeks, Hardy missing a handful of games). There was a time about a month ago where only the Rangers and Angels had lost more man games to injury. So I wouldn't say the Orioles have caught a break. They've had injury troubles, and so have the other teams. 

    Also, I don't think there's any reason to be smug but I do think Orioles fans have the right to be confident. Davis has been a shell of even his 2012 season. Machado played piss poor for almost 2 months before just recently starting to play better. JJ Hardy has just 3 home runs. Out of our starting rotation, only our #5 starter going into the year doesn't have a signficantly higher ERA than his 2013 mark. They've also gotten virtually nothing from 2B and catcher offensively, which could easily change after the trade deadline since they're a number of decent 2B available. 

    And yet they are still in 1st place, with a 50-41 record. I don't think anyone doubts that they can still be a lot better. 

    Look at the Jays and Yankees. They're playing as good or much better (in the Jays case) than anybody could have expected. 

    Encarnacion is having a monster season, a career year. Adam Lind suddenly become an incredible hitter (thanks to an unbelievably high BABIP), Jose Bautista is having his best in a while and has been drastically better than he was the last 2 seasons. Melky Cabrera is hitting like he's on PED's again and is miles better than he was last season. They picked up Fransisco off the waive wire and he's been very good for them (typical Blue Jay hitter suddenly becoming decent). Jose Reyes has actually been healthy. Buerhle and Dickey have been very good and much better than last season, but also extremely lucky in having much lower ERA's than FIP's. Hutchison became a force. Stroman came up and has been awesome as a starter. They have had a lot go their way this season, far more than the O's have. They are just a mediocre team that had a good 3 week stretch though. Yes, Encarnacion, Lind, and Lawrie are hurt but I'd argue missing Machado for the 1st month and Wieters for the whole season is just as devastating. 

    As for the Yankees, they lost Nova, Sabathia, Pineda, and Tanaka. Quite honestly, Nova and Sabathia aren't very good. Pineda was pretty good but everyone and their mother knows he's been hurt a ton and losing him isn't all that expected. Losing Tanaka obviously hurts, but even with him they're mediocre at best.

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