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    Duquette vs. MacPhail Tail of the Tape

    by Hangout Poster: Slappy

    Dan Duquette:

    Montreal 1992-1994: 255-183 (.582) no playoffs
    Boston 1995-2002: 656-574 (.533) 3 playoff appearances

    He's had 1 losing season in 11 seasons as GM.

    Andy MacPhail:

    Minnesota 1985-1994: 787-784 (.501), 2 playoffs (both WS wins)
    Cubs 1995-2006: 916-1011 (.475) , 2 playoffs

    He had 13 losing seasons in 20 seasons as GM/President, and that was before Baltimore.

    I was surprised that MacPhail's resume was actually pretty weak even before he got here, and on the other hand, was surprised that Duquette has such a strong resume. The losing season breakdown in particular is striking.


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