• Nov

    White panel cartoon bird will do, but black panel is MUCH better

    by Roy Firestone

    Since I've been on this kick for about five years, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the Orioles good sense to return to the cartoon bird back onto their hat.

    I applaud the return of the cartoon bird and I'm reasonably happy with the home uniform. However, the BLACK panel hat on the road is much better and has a better history than the white panel.

    You can look it up.

    Either way, BOTH hats are better than the stupid O's hat that has both grammatical and graphic issues. The O's hat is stupid and lacks imagination.

    The old orenthetically correct bird was a waste of a logo. It had no statement, no swagger, and certainly no tradition.

    Welcome back cartoon bird!

    Now if we can only field a team to match that great, confident smirk on your face...

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