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    Baltimore Groundhogs

    by Hangouter: EddieMurrayfan

    We are half way thru another decade of this "not wanting to strap or cripple this franchise for the long term with short term moves." Nobody wants to cripple the franchise long term. Some however, would love to see some/any attempt at getting better in the short term as well as having a decent long term in view. And right now, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before that year, for 14 years, NOTHING!

    This team should be called the Baltimore GroundHogs because its like GroundHog Day every year. Does anybody think fans like complaining about this stuff? We dont have to instantly become a 95 win team. Somehow some think that unless we can instantly jump from a 65 win team to a 95 win team the moves make no sense.

    When someone posts about the O's sitting with thumbs up their butt while other teams make moves there is a plethora of posters who hit the "replay" excuse button and we get the "its a bad move" or "it will cripple the franchise for years" type responses.

    So here we are. Some fans would be happy to see some progress and an attempt made to improve the on field product even if it doesn't mean we are in the playoffs next year. Give us some improvement so we see some progress being made, ie. some HOPE.

    Then we have the defenders of the status quo crowd. Every move we could even possibly consider is "wrong" or long term "crippling." With this bunch there is never a good move or good signing. There is an unhealthy fear of "crippling" - only thing is, what they fear "crippling" is already in a state of cripple. This unhealthy fear is masked with the "long term, build the RIGHT WAY" cries of denial. And if that isn't enough to convince those who would like to see some or any progress, the denial charge is thrown their way.

    The REALITY is 14 years of futility.

    So, another May will come and go and we will already be 10 games out with NO HOPE of anything other than another season of finishing 30 games out. But hey, if we can keep from crippling the franchise long term its all good, right?

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