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    The Orioles answer some member questions today

    by The Orioles

    From The Orioles

    There has been a lot of discussion about ticket prices since our last post.  We recognize that fans would want to pay less for a ticket to a game. We offer many opportunities for fans to save over a full price ticket, including: advance purchases, group purchases, Ollie's Bargain Nights every Tuesday home game (including prime games), Student Nights, discounts for non-profit organizations, the Junior Orioles Dugout Club, Left Field All-Inclusive Picnic Perch, and our free Birthday ticket offer. We also offer discounts for active, reserve and retired military members. 

    We are committed to focusing significant resources on the amateur draft. However, it would not be appropriate for us to detail in specific terms our short term and long-term strategy with respect to scouting (or player development). While this is of great interest to many of you, we will not be able to get into the specifics some of you are looking for. 
    The investments we are making in amateur, professional and international scouting, as well as in organization-wide player development are significant, and we believe appropriate. These areas will remain a priority of the Baseball Operations department. 

    Opening Day on Good Friday:
    We recognize that our Opening Day falls on Good Friday this year, and in partnership with Delaware North, we are prepared for a possible increase in demand for non-meat products. We will offer an abundance of suitable items including crab cakes, pizza, salads, prepared sandwiches without meat, and other seafood options throughout the ballpark.
    While we haven't yet announced some of the exciting new concessions offerings this year, there will be at least one new location on Eutaw Street that will be particularly helpful in this regard. Stay tuned for more details.
    Our Responses:
    We know that what the fans in this forum are looking for is a transparent organization willing and eager to engage with its most committed fans in productive dialogue that will translate to a better fan experience overall. A lot of thought goes into these responses, and we ask that you understand even in this setting as we strive for transparency, our responses and language will always reflect our values and mission as an organization.  
    However, there are several topics that we cannot comment on in great detail at this time due to the competitive nature of our business. These areas include relationships with our corporate partners, agreements with broadcast rights holders including our team-owned regional sports network MASN, or player personnel strategy.

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