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    DrShorebird visits Twin Lakes on 3/29

    by DrShorebird

    Minors at Twin Lake March 29 (A Levels vs. Tampa Bay)

    Frederick SQUAD
    Nowak (2 Abs) LF Hernandez T/6
    Givens SS Winegardner T/6
    Kolodny RF
    Schutz DH
    Sweeny 1B
    Oliveira C Knight T/7
    Kelly 3B
    Pena 2B
    Mosby DH Perez
    Webb (3 Abs) CF Clinton
    (Extras: Bumbry, Flacco, Mummey, Stifler)
    Delmarva SQUAD
    Davis, G. CF
    Starr 2B Leonora T/7
    Esposito 3B Veloz
    Sawyer 1B T/6 DH
    Delmonico DH T/6 1B
    Narron LF Hoppy
    Davis, A. C Murphy T/6
    Zazueta SS
    Aguilar RF Simmons T/6
    (Extra: Bream, Velleggia, Lino)
    There are two games going on simultaneously and I usually watch an inning of one game and then move over to the other, back & forth, unless there is some commotion emanating from the other side which will cause me to take a look there. No one is really standing out to me, but I see only short bursts. Lino the catcher is one to watch and Narron seems to be hitting well. The pitchers are looking good as a whole. Bundy is exceptional. When there is only one player listed it could just mean that the substitue is playing at a different level - even over with the majoprs for the day. Or it could mean they want to take a longer look at someone who may be on the bubble. I doubt if it means that the player has the position locked up. It could be the player on the bench is the leading candidate and they know what he can do and maybe they just want to see more of what the other guy can do. We really shouldn't read too much into some things -- but then again -- they often are good clues.
    As for Bumbry he has put on some good muscle in his chest. He says "just growing up - not a lifting program or anythting." Neither Flacco nor Bumbry APPEAR to be injured, but it's really hard to tell if the injury doesn't require a bandage or make them limp. They are very closed mouthed about minor injuries that are mostly "day-to-say."  So, in essence, I have nothing informative here to relay - except that we are mostly guessing from the few clues that we get.
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