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    Roy Firestone Speaks out

    by Roy Firestone

    This is still the place to be for the Baltimore Orioles. Its the place for the best insights, jokes, sarcasm, opinions, observations..and yes..information. This site is better than any team site for me. Its better than ESPN.COM or MLB.com because it focuses on the times and trials and decisions made by the Orioles and the news relating to the Orioles franchise. Even reading about poor Kevin Hickey the other night I realized that those are the kinds of stories you don't find easily elsewhere. Simply put, this is the place, really the ONLY place where Oriole fans, the real hard core fans come to share. Its the ONLY place for me to talk about my passion.

    I'm never leaving this place.

    Shame on the Orioles for not supporting this site with everything it has.



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