OK, Frobby's post on ball/strike calls got me thinking, and when I start thinking and want to procrastinate from actual work I research baseball. So I went and got the Pitch/FX data from every game the Orioles have played this year, and did some work.

I looked at the starters for the Orioles and their opponents. Using the Pitch/FX graphs and their strike zone box, I counted every ball and called strike and whether it was in the zone or not. I did not record how far out of the zone it was or whether it was consistent from pitcher to pitcher.

I totaled these numbers in a few ways. First, I was able to get the number of bad calls per game and a percentage of the ball/strike calls that were bad. Also, I took all of the bad calls that favored the Orioles and subtracted all of the bad calls that favored their opponent to get a differential (so, a positive number means that the umps were favoring the Orioles). Finally, I took that same idea and got the percentage of the bad calls that went the Orioles' way. A look at the data here.