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    HHP: The Orioles Respond to You

    by The Orioles

    Home Caps Design:
    One of you recently asked why there are black stitches on the white panel home caps. We had the same question for Major League Baseball when we received the sample back from New Era. The explanation given was that all of their white panel caps have the same color stitching on the back of the cap, be it black or blue. We looked back at other examples of New Era caps and all appear to have the dark stitching as far as we could tell. At this point, there is no option for us to use the white stitching for the white portion and black on the black portion. If this option does become available, we will look at possibly making that switch.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with a lack of supplies and lack of hot water at your recent visit to the ballpark. We have policies in place to keep restrooms fully stocked and you should let us know any time you experience a problem. You can visit a Fan Assistance Center while at the ballpark or email us at birdmail@orioles.com following your visit. Please let us know the restroom where you had the bad experience so that we can properly follow up with our employees.

    "Bark in the Park":
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a "Bark in the Park" day at Oriole Park. It sounds like some of you are very much in favor of the concept, while others don't think it is a good idea. We have explored the possibility and have spoken with other clubs that have held this type of event; however, we have no plans at this time to hold a "Bark in the Park" day. We will consider for future seasons.

    I hope you understand that we cannot make any sort of public comment that could be considered a criticism of MLB umpires. We are aware of your comments and feelings contained in this thread and certainly have found them interesting.

    Orioles' TV Market:
    For the fan in Winston-Salem, NC, we're glad you are keeping up with the O's even when you are away from home. DirecTV and Dish Network are both providers in your area that carry MASN and will allow you to watch Orioles games. You will just need to contact your provider to subscribe. Unfortunately there is no way to watch Orioles (or Nationals) games online from Winston-Salem, as they are blacked out on MLB.TV due to MLB broadcast restrictions.

    Sculpture Unveiling:
    Later this week, we will be announcing more detailed plans for the Frank Robinson sculpture unveiling on Saturday, but we do want to take this opportunity to remind you to arrive as early as possible. We are expecting a large turnout for the unveiling itself at 5:15 (Eutaw Street gates open at 5:00) so fans should have their tickets before arriving whenever possible. For those of you unable to be here that early, we will also have an on-field ceremony just before the game in which Frank will speak to the crowd and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. We hope to see everyone there for the first Orioles Legends Celebration Series game!

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