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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Out! And Proudly

    by Hangout Staff

    For Oriole fans..it just doesnt get much better than this!


    For Oriole fans...it just doesnt get much better than this! Jake Arrieta didnt even have the best outing of the night. Jered Weaver did. But even Weaver's no hitter cant dim what Arrieta and his pitching co-horts did to the Yankees in the Bronx. A total of 3 earned runs for 3 games in Yankee Stadium?
    The Orioles haven't done that to a Yankee team in a three game series since 1965!
    1965! Hammel, Matusz, Arrieta, and a lights out bullpen proved that great pitching can
    overcome a 200 million dollar lineup and it's own sometimes spotty offfense.
    The Orioles so far have blown away most baseball observers who thought this
    staff would be mediocre at best. SO FAR its just about the best pitching in baseball.
    Its a long season, and the series continues with Boston, Texas, Tampa, and the
    Yankees again. But if this staff performs as well as they did in the last three games
    in New York, the wins will come. I'm dazzled with what this team has shown so far in the pitching department. And great pitching feeds the confidence offensively and certainly defensively.
    Keep it going boys! Suddenly it doesnt seem as imposing a series as we might have thought.

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