When is it no longer "still early"?



I think it is now "STILL EARLY" of course. But would you believe in July? August?
September?" Would you start to get excited if the Orioles have a winning series this
week and next? I think the Angels for example have real concerns with Pujols and
it's stopped being too"early" for them this week. I think the Yankees issues now with
one of their top starters and top closer gone isnt a "still early" scenario. Same with
an aging Red Sox team without Crawford and Ellsbury for extended periods.
Anything can happen in baseball. We've seen "worst to first" scenarios where both
the Braves and Twins went to the Word Series. It's this simple. Enjoy this ride.
Get as excited as you want...you should. But remember baseball is" the game that
is designed to break your heart" as Bart Giamatti once wrote. Lets just keep loving
this run and try not to start printing playoff tickets yet. This IS the most excited Ive
been with an Oriole team in years, but I try and temper my emotions.