• May

    Firestone: I've watched baseball for 50 years...I've NEVER seen anything like that

    by Roy Firestone

    I almost dont know where to start. So i may as well just go to the innings that
    mattered most. To see a guy who has one of the worst offensive days a position
    player can have(5 strikeouts) pitch in his first major league game, and see him toss two shutout innings, and along the way have the winning run for the opposing team
    thrown out at the plate..and THEN strike out one of the games greatest hitters and
    get a double play ball to win it? Are you kidding me?

    Chris Davis..way to keep the Orioles bullpen sharp. A win,a save, a sweep. This is a
    magical start to an unthinkable scenario. Oh by the way, the Orioles are in first place!

    I just want to add a personal note on this bizzare day! I was working today in, of all places ,
    Great Falls, Montana. I began watching the game on MLB.TV.then I continued to watch the game
    on the WIFI on the plane en route to Salt Lake City where I connected on a plane to Los Angeles. I also watched 7 mostly frustrating inning on the WIFI on the plane to Los Angeles. The game was STILL going on as I drove home and I turned the set on to see Chris Davis get the game ending
    doubleplay to win it. All told, more than 6 hours over three diffrent states and two airplane rides
    before seeing the end in my living room! What a game! What a world! What a team!!!!!!

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