So long Rangers... Good Riddance.


I'm happy the Orioles won a game in this series. Chen came up big and Tommy
Hunter wasnt bad, but aside from that the important pitching performances in this
series for the Orioles were duds. Clearly, Texas is the better team from top to
bottom. The Orioles depth in position players is glaring, and Reynolds continues to
have a ghastly season all around.The Orioles simply MUST find a solution at 3rd.
Im slightly intrigued by Flahrety, but I know he's no solution. They must find a
way to get Reimold back on the field and stay healthy.
Some takeaways fromt his series? Pomeranz for sure. Im not convinced he can start
but I think he has a live arm and could definately help the O's in the long run.
I think Nick Johnson is done, and Ive said it at the beginning of the season. There
are simply no decent bats available at AA or AAA that are ML ready, so I dont know
what they can do.
It seems like this team never gets a day off, but the Rays will add still more
pressure to this brutal schedule. If the O's can take just a single game from the Rays
and one from the Yankees, this long stretch of tough teams will not have been so would end up at exactly .500 baseball..which isnt so bad considering. Of
course, I'll hope for more, but with Davis slumping and no Reimold, and some of the
pitching performances spotty...all of that wouldnt be so bad.