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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Out On the Return

    by Hangout Staff

    It's one of the most impressive things I've ever seen by an Oriole.
    This guy misses more than a year in a major league game, endures more than a
    year of headaches, dizziness, doubt and isolation and on his very first start has three
    legit hits and a sacrifice fly that was drilled for an RBI.He has an immediate impact
    and the team is obviously inspired and sparked by his return.
    There will be off nights, bad nights, and some highlights again. But very few
    nights will feel like this for him and for the fans.
    You could see even from behind the shaving cream that Roberts was moved by the
    entire evening and it reflected his deep love and passion for the game and yes, the
    Baltimore Orioles franchise.
    He looked somewhat thin to me,there are actually flecks of grey in his hair now...
    his helmet made him look a bit like a little leaguer.
    But believe it, he played big and he played like the total pro that he is.
    For the many of us who counted him out, and the others who almost did, this was
    a testament to the great things about the human spirit, to determination and
    devotion to a goal. Brian Roberts is back, and whether this team wins 100 games or
    80 or less what becomes most apparent after a night like this is he belongs in an
    Oriole uniform and in this lineup. He is like an old familiar friendly face smiling
    through darkness and despair and that almost impish grin that belies his nearly 35
    years is a face of gratitude, grace, and appreciation to be afforded another chance
    to play the game that he loves.
    Well done Brian!
    You made us all believers tonight.

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