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    HHP: How can Adam Jones be on pace for 40 homers but only 88 RBI?

    by Frobby

    The answer is simple -- nobody's getting on base in front of him. An average player with 341 PA (Jones' total going into yesterday's play) would have 204 runners on base (including 67 on 2B and 35 on 3B), while Jones has had only 175 runners on base (including 50 on 2B and 28 on 3B). That's particularly weak when you realize that the "average" player identified above could be batting anywhere in the order, whereas Jones has been batting cleanup almost all season. The O's have a .247 OBP in the leadoff spot, .268 in the two-hole, and .289 in the three-hole (.333 for Nick Markakis and .215 for his replacements). That is disgraceful!


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