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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Out About Death Spirals and Pirouettes

    by Hangout Staff

    Sorry, but this time it won't get better.

    This is not a 'dry spell". This is what youve got. A first baseman who isnt really a
    first baseman who is paid to drive in runs and rarely does.A second baseman who
    isnt really the second baseman and who really isnt a major leaguer baseball player.
    A shortstop who absolutely cannot find his way out of a miserable slump, but who
    cannot be replaced because there is no depth at that position on this teams' roster.
    A third baseman who really isnt a third baseman and has an occasional hot bat but
    mostly hurts the team defensively. A leftfielder who really isnt a leftfielder and has
    a "mood ring" for a bat and a career. He simply cannot find any kind of groove.
    Add to that dog tired players like the catcher and a CF who is playing hurt and all of
    that BEFORE you get to the pitiful pitching situation.
    Starters who cant get to the fifth inning;cant seem to shutdown opposing rallies and
    of course absolutely cannot throw strikes on a regular basis.
    There is no net now; no "cavalry" because the "cavalry" is worse than the regulars.
    It has to be just a matter of time before you let the kids play. Hoes, Avery, and yes
    Machado, Schoop, and maybe even Bundy. This team has collapsed, you might as
    well see what you'll get because you know now what youve got.

    Not much.

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