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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Up - Deadline Edition

    by Roy Alan Firestone

    No news…is better than bad news.

    I’m perfectly fine with the Orioles NOT making any major moves that would involve a possible short term improvement with the loss of someone who might have major upside in year or two. I’m not just talking about the obvious: Bundy, Machado, Schoop.  I’m talking about Arrieta, Matusz (yes even with his struggles), Steve Johnson, Avery, Hoes, and a few others.

    The Orioles wouldn’t have made themselves THAT much better with Headley if they  had to give up a combination of any of those players previously mentioned. Buck clearly didn’t want Hanley. He's not his kind of guy.

    Dempster, Greinke, and most of all the top talent were rentals. I would take my chances and if it’s possible take a shot at them in the offseason. My only regret is that this team still hasn’t added a breakthrough offensive presence. Maybe it’s Hoes or Avery with speed.  Juan Pierre just isn’t that guy. Pence maybe, but I have to assume DD asked about Pence and Victorino and the price was too steep.

    So, the Orioles will head into the stretch with up to 3 position players playing out of position and Thome on the DL. Ford may NOT be a 'better idea". It’s too early to tell.

    With September call ups and some returns like Hammel and maybe Thome, you’re  kind of asking for this team to tread water for about 4-5 weeks. I just don’t think they have enough to compete with the big boys, and I don’t think any reasonable deal would’ve yielded anyone who would make that much of a difference.

     Let’s see what happens. Maybe someone will surprise us.

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