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    HHP: Found Money

    by Frobby

    I'm going to four games this month -- at least.     I saw they Sunday Yankee game (boo!), I'm going tonight with the OH, and I have tickets for the Sept. 24 doubleheader with Toronto.    And with each passing day, I am getting more and more tempted to pick up some tickets for the final home series with Boston.    This team will deserve a proper send-off.

    I had forgotten what "meaningful games in September" actually felt like.    I'm thinking about the games all day long.   I watch the games, and the minute the post-game show is over, I'm thinking about the next game.    But so far, I don't feel nervous at all -- I'm just enjoying it to the max.    This is like spending found money that I never expected to have.


    Win or lose, I'm going to be very sad when this season is over


    It dawned on me today that the regular season ends three weeks from today. And when that day is over, one of the best baseball regular seasons of my lifetime -- 47 years as an avid Orioles fan -- will be at an end. Sure, if we make the playoffs, I will be thrilled, and the excitement will continue. But even then, I will be a little sad that the regular season is over. I've always considered the 162-game grind and the pennant race to be the essence of baseball, with the playoffs really just sort of being a cherry on top of the sundae. In any event, I'm enjoying this season so much, it's really going to be a letdown when it is over, whenever that is. I'm really going to miss Orioles baseball 2012. What a ride.

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