• Oct

    HHP: Dan Duquette And his Journey Through the Wilderness

    by gurgi

    A reporter was asking him how he felt after the players all ran over to him and thanked him and sprayed him with champagne. He paused, looked up toward the roof and seemed to ALMOST cry. Doesnt he know there is no crying in baseball?

    You know this guy has to feel like Tom Hanks escaping the damn desert Island. What a purgatory this guy has been in. 

    Sentenced for a crime he probably didn't even do in Boston. History seems to make the whole Clemens thing not such a disaster after all. Because Clemens was cheating.

    Duquette MIGHT be the best story of the Oriole season himself. Because I can't remember any critics who thought hiring him was a good deal. Most reporters thought it was a sign of how horrible the Orioles front office was still being run. 

    I personally didn't really know much about him or his time in Boston. But I am very very happy we have him now.

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