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    Fear and Loathing in Sarasota

    by Tronblaster

    First things first, sorry that last night's entry was a little disjointed. Lack of sleep and a few coffee pots of Knob Creek conspired against me. The typos were my fault, but all of the question marks here there and everywhere were due to the leprechauns inside the computer magic.

    Tonight's entry might be just as muddled, thanks to Bolton Bob's generosity at McKechnie field...

    Speaking of which, it was great meeting up with Weams and justD and Bolton Bob at McKechnie field!

    I even got to show BoltonBob my hat balancing trick and he got to show all of us his mixed drink drinking trick! He also got to introduce us to all the beer-slingers at the outfield bar!

    Running into that crew was kind of like meeting the Wizard of Oz. I sure wish I had gotten a picture with those handsome guys, and lovely lady!

    The day started off again with sleeping almost until the end of free breakfast. Can't miss that! It was strangled eggs (again!), chipped polish sausage, nasty lukewarm hash browns, and the other accoutrements. Whatever I ate gave me gas and indigestion, which is par for the course. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

    After breakfast BroMatt goes off to Hutzlers in search of beach towels and tumblers.

    Even though last night was 'my own bed night' I still must have slept fitfully because after breakfast I sleep like a mummified log for another hour.

    All these close quarters and snoring have been testing the integrity of the BroMatt, TronBlaster, Skipper triforce?

    It's a night game, so we've got some time to kill!

    We slowly meander up the beach toward Bradenton in the rig. Talk about 'the scenic route'!

    After awhile, we are greeted by a familiar sight: The Anchor Inn!!! Oh God I love this place so bad. A few minutes after entering, this guy at the end of the bar is talking about his friend the mechanic, and he says 'If he can't fix it, he'll fix it so no one else can!' Then this Old Jack Nicholson looking guy is talking about his plumber friend whose motto is like 'You Can't Polish a Turd and Get a Diamond' or some vulgar thing...And I say 'Plumbing, I hear that's a sh!++y business.' and it gets a laugh from the regulars and my face starts to turn red.

    The charming bartender, Chase, lets us park the rig there, which is cool.

    Onto the beach, I let my pasty flapjacks get a little sun and wind, and then take a stroll down Anna Maria Beach to see UncJack, AuntCarla, AuntAlice, and CosChels! (UncMike and CosBritt were inside prepping for gametime)

    They even reward this weary traveler with a MillerLite!

    A stroll back to camp and its time to return to the Anchor Inn. Skipper and I play a festive game of billiards, and the songs are played on the junk box, including: Tempted (Squeeze), Fast Car (Tracy Chapman), Born on the Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Round and Round (Ratt), and others...

    There's also this good bit at the Anchor Inn where you take pictures of funny pictures on the wall and fraudulently tag them as friends on Facebook.

    OK, now it's time for the game.

    We get to McKechnie field shortly after 5 p.m. and tailgate while listening to Grateful Dead (it's a tradition...) in the Boys and Girls Club parking area.

    There's nowhere to pee, and the B&G club seems to be charging more than the 
    neighboring lots now. They still escort you to-and-fro via golf carts, but I'm just saying. 

    The extended Cos's, Unc's and Aunt's stop by!

    After eating cheese and drinking a beer or two, it's time to head in!

    Highlights of the game:
    -Meeting Weams, BoltonBob, and JustD!
    -Seeing Felix Pie in left field!
    -Brian Matusz strolling behind me whil I obliviously watch Felix Pie, and giving a half-fistpump to Skipper and BroMatt when they wave at him.
    -Getting an autograph from my old pal Troy Patton (I don't even like autographs, I'd rather have a picture...)
    -Chit-chatting with my seatmates, some guy and his wife from Connecticut. They knew the score...
    -Postgame fireworks!

    -The new boardwalk around the outfield was pretty cool, but the food at McKechnie field is still kind of lame. Just saying. Even that stupid Popies place was closed. CLOSED!?

    Due to McKechnie's less than adequate grubb (Skipper was the smart one, scoring a hoogie at the place across the street from Popies) we swing by Sarasota Ale House on the way back.

    It's a happy detour, because we get to watch the end of the U.S.-Mexico World Baseball Classic game, and some 'Baltimore' fan at the end of the bar buys us a free round!

    Who was he? I don't know...He had some arm candy and looked kind of like a ballplayer.

    I think it might have been Sal Fasano...

    Tomorrow: off day!



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