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    Britton is the best long term choice - but is he ready?

    by wildcard

    When considering which of the three candidates for 5th starter is the right choice, Zach Britton seems to have the most upside.

    Righthander Freddy Garica is a 36 year old veteran who put up a 5.93 ERA in 17 starts for the Yankees last year pitching in the AL East. He did much better in relief where he has a 2.42 ERA. No matter what he does at Norfolk he seem at this stage of his career to be more suited for relief than starting in the AL East.

    Righthander Josh Stinson is a 25 year old, 37th round draft choice who has pitched better at AA than AAA and has limited major league experience. He had a good spring with the Brewers statistically preparing to be a reliever. But they put him on waivers. He has had a good couple of starts at Norfolk. That is what the O's are leveraging if they call him up.

    Britton is a 25 year old highly touted prospect who has had shoulder problems. If healthy he he as a great upside. He is 16-14 in his major league career with a 4.74 ERA. He is 8-7 with a career 3.56 ERA at AAA. He has had three starts this spring at Norfolk. The last two he went 5.2 and 6 innings and he has a 1.98 ERA so far. Being a lefty he also balances the rotation with two lefties and three righties. So the question is not who do you want in the O's rotation out of these three. Britton is the best fit if healthy. The question is: Is Zach ready?

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