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    HHP: Position Prospect Report: Week 4

    by skanar

    With Delmonico and Ohlman injured, Frederick is barren. Walker and Boss are coming on strong; both are old for the SAL and could see time at Frederick later this season if they continue to hit. Henry Urrutia is feasting on AA pitching. Schoop continues to work his way back from the rough start.

    1B Christian Walker. Since 4/28: 24 PA, .304/.333/.478. Season: 114 PA, .340/.415/.466 (.881) 11/14 BB/K
    SS Adrian Marin. Since 4/28: 22 PA, .136/.136/.136. Season: 89 PA, .198/.237/.244 (.481) 3/25 BB/K
    3B Torsten Boss. Since 4/28: 21 PA, .444/.524/.722. Season: 107 PA, .271/.352/.438 (.789) 11/25 BB/K
    CF Roderick Bernadina. Since 4/28: 7 PA, .000/.000/.000. Season: 57 PA, .250/.322/.346 (.668) 5/11 BB/K

    Walker continues to plug along, and showed a bit more power, which is good. Adrian Marin has lost it completely. Torsten Boss was on absolute fire, and has brought his season numbers up to the respectable. Bernadina went back on the DL after only two games, and probably came off it too soon in the first place.

    C Michael Ohlman. Since 4/28: Did not play. Season: 39 PA, .182/.308/.273 (.580) 6/9 BB/K
    1B Nick Delmonico. Since 4/28: Did not play. Season: 51 PA, .325/.471/.600 (1.071) 11/11 BB/K
    CF Glynn Davis. Since 4/21: 14 PA, .154/.214/.154. Season: 108 PA, .196/.278/.299 (.577) 11/26 BB/K

    Delmonico and Ohlman are still injured. Davis has been terrible after his excellent first week: he hasn't hit and he's added a lot of Ks. <-- That's what I wrote last week, and it hasn't changed.

    IF Ty Kelly. Since 4/28: 25 PA, .200/.360/.300. Season: 129 PA, .234/.361/.336 (.697) 22/20 BB/K
    CF Xavier Avery. Since 4/28: 19 PA, .267/.421/.267. Season: 129 PA, .277/.377/.384 (.789) 17/36 BB/K
    OF Henry Urrutia. Since 4/28: 19 PA, .389/.421/.667. Season: 54 PA, .333/.407/.583 (.991) 6/9 BB/K.

    Ty Kelly still draws walks, but didn't do much else this week. Season line down below acceptable. Avery had a LOT of walks this week; in fact, he's walked in 6 consecutive games. The X-man still has a nice overall line, but it's in AA. Urrutia has continued to rake, and his BB% of 11.1 isn't that bad for a reputed free swinger.

    SS Jonathan Schoop. Since 4/28: 19 PA, .294/.368/.294. Season: 100 PA .242/.330/.330 (.660) 9/18 BB/K
    OF LJ Hoes. Since 4/28: 13 PA, .231/.231/.308. Season: 103 PA, .269/.343/.376 (.719) 10/13 BB/K

    A week of home games was bad news for Hoes, but he didn't play much. Schoop had a solid week but no XBH. Season line for Schoop continues to creep upward; OBP now solid, but would definitely like to see more power.

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