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    HHP: JJ Hardy and Brady Anderson at Maryland Table Tennis Center

    by Larry Hodges Alias LarryTT



    Some of you know me as the guy who does the periodic "Top Ten Lists," or occasional postings on Oriole stats. But in real life, I'm a full-time table tennis coach and writer. (I also write SF.) Last night (Monday, May 14) JJ Hardy and Brady Anderson came to my club, Maryland Table Tennis Center in Gaithersburg, MD, for a two-hour lesson. They stayed another two hours afterwards, hitting with our top junior players, posing for pictures, and signing autographs. They were really nice and excited about getting coaching and playing top players, and were extremely good with the kids. I blogged about it in my daily table tennis blog this morning, including links to six pictures. (Here's the permanent link.) 

    There are about 400 USATT certified table tennis clubs in the U.S., including about 60 full-time ones. MDTTC, a full-time table tennis center with 18 tables and 10,000 square feet, is one of the "premier" ones - most of the top juniors and players come out of 3-5 clubs, including ours, which has eight full-time coaches. The blog is written for serious table tennis players, but if you have any questions, post them here! (A couple of terms you might not know: a "loop" is a heavy topspin shot. USATT ratings are based on chess ratings, the higher the better. Nathan Hsu is the top junior in Maryland and was the U.S. Junior Olympic Champion in Under 16 in 2011.) 
    -Larry Hodges, member of USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame

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