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    HHP: The Afternoon After - Kevin Gausman


    Disclaimer: All gun readings are from MASN

    1st Inning

    Melky Cabrera: 95 (up and away), 95 (down the middle, good sink), 96 (ran arm side away), 96 (good sink down and away), 97 (outer half, fouled away), 98 (lower half down the middle) SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE
    -Cabrera really just slapped it back up the middle, not a bad spot depth wise, but caught too much plate
    -This would become a theme of the outing, but starting the game with only fastballs was an interesting choice by Wieters, especially given that the changeup is considered Gausman?s best pitch

    Jose Bautista: 96 (down and away), 82 (first slider, missed badly away), 97 (down the middle but Batista pulled off), 95 (good run inside, fouled off), 84 (slider, great late movement) F-8
    -Baustista was completely fooled by this pitch and flared it off the end to center. The movement was late, downward, and violent

    Edwin Encarnacion: 97 (down the middle, fouled away), 97 (stayed up, but fouled off, ball got on Encarnacion quickly), 97 (absolutely painted the black on the inside half) Backwards K
    -Every fastball in this at bat exploded out of the hand and Encarnacion was late on the two swings and was tied up on the punchout

    Adam Lind: 96 (called on the outside corner), 97 (outer half, fouled off), 98 (off the plate away), 85 (swing and miss changeup)
    -Strikeout pitch just died away from Lind, accurate billing for the pitch

    2nd Inning
    J.P. Arencibia: 82 (seemed to cut the plate but called low), 96 (outer half, fouled off), 98 (down the middle, very good contact)
    -This wasn't a good spot from Gausman and Arrencibia tried to drive it backside, but it was swallowed in the gap. If any other pitcher on our staff throws this pitch, it likely ends up for extra bases F-8 DEEP TO THE RC GAP

    Brett Lawrie: 97 (called strike, good arm side movement), 84 (slider, again seemed to cut the plate), 95 (rode in and fouled off), 98 (way up but fouled off), 86 (waste change in the dirt), 84 (slider fouled off, great late movement), 97 (way up fouled off), 98 (just inside, good spot), 98 (middle out, rolled over)
    -Lawrie didn't look overmatched, but also never changed his approach on the fastball 5-3

    Colby Rasmus: 95 (up and away), 82 (change up and away), 96 (bad location up, out over the plate)
    -Not a good spot, gave in behind in the count, hook pulled into right for a single (good job by Nick getting to it) SINGLE TO RIGHT

    Emilio Bonifacio: 96 (up and down the middle fouled off), 94 (better sink than other fastballs, down and away fouled off), 97 (up and away, swing and miss)
    -Bonifacio looked completely overmatched. K 

    3rd Inning

    Munenori Kawasaki: 95 (called strike away), 96 (high and tight), 83 (change in the dirt away), 95 (away, fouled off), 84 (good slider inside)
    -Good late movement from the middle to inner third of the plate, weakly hit 4-3

    Cabrera: 96 (away), 96 (up, fouled off), 97 (way away), 98 (great spot inside)
    -Jammed up Cabrera on a perfect spot, threw aggressively 4-3

    Bautista: 84 (change down and away), 83 (slider in the dirt), 98 (good location down, fouled off), 99 (away, tugged off), 98 (down)
    -At bat was the first where he consistently ripped with his front side. Overthrew following the great 2-0 spot. This would become an issue in the later innings. BB 

    Encarnacion: 96 (down the middle)
    -Edwin was jammed and spiked the bat after contact F-9

    4th Inning

    Lind: 95 (upper half of the zone), 97 (good spot down and away), 86 (hanging slider, inner half
    -Eastern League hitters would have hit this pitch. Wieters wanted it down and away and it hung middle in 2B OFF THE WALL

    Arencibia: 83 (slider in the middle of the plate)
    -This pitch wasn't as pronounced of a hanger as the previous pitch, but it was in the middle of the plate and Arencibia dropped the head and made good contact. 2B LF 

    Lawrie: 97 (high location)
    -Tough luck bunt, ball was popped up but also checked BUNT SINGLE

    Rasmus: 83 (first at bat leading with a change for a strike, great pitch), 95 (rode away), 84 (impossible change to hit, died down and away), 83 (change slipped away), 85 (change away), 84 (4th away change in a row), 97 (fastball away, fouled off), 84 (good movement, but just missed low)
    -Would have liked to see them work the inner half of the plate at some point in this at bat. Good work by Rasmus spoiling pitches BB

    Bonifacio: 96 (high and tight), 96 (missed away), 96 (missed badly inside), 95 (fortunate call on the outside), 95 (middle low)
    -Fortunate that this ball wasn?t hit out of the ballpark. Had to give in a bit down in the count and gave Bonifacio a fairly easy pitch to drive in a run F-8 SAC FLY

    Kawasaki: 95 (good spot but just missed away), 94 (rode in)
    -Interesting call by the Jays to squeeze on a guy making his major league debut struggling with control, but Gausman didn't help him with an easy pitch. POPPED UP BUNT

    Cabrera: 95 (down the middle)
    -Cabrera barreled this ball, but right at Dickerson F-8 

    5th Inning
    Bautista: 84 (slider missed low), 82 (good change up, swing and miss), 97 (challenged him high, fouled back), 99 (punchout)
    -Missed his spot, but absolutely blew away Baustita. Possibly his best sequence of the night K

    Encarnacion: 82 (slider inside), 97 (up), 95 (good action coming in)
    -Jammed Encarnacion again, good 2-0 spot F-7

    Lind: 98 (outer half), 95 (ran away), 97 (jamshot foul), 99 (up and away)
    -Sped up Lind's bat by throwing something away. Good idea to look up, but he didn't get it to the spot. Again another instance of Wieters not electing to go inside on lefties SINGLE

    Arencibia: 96 (didn?t get in enough)
    -Game changing bomb. Arencibia guess right and got the bat head out and gave Gausman his first 'Welcome to the Bigs' moment. Most hitters at Bowie likely don't handle that pitch as well HR

    Lawrie: 82 (slider away), 82 (slider in fouled off), 98 (in the dirt away), 84 (good slider fouled off), 97 (blew it by him)
    -Lawrie had looked comfortable with the fastball in his earlier at bats, but had this one completely blown past him K

    Even in Dylan Bundy's first appearance last year out of the pen, he didn't flash the pure stuff that Gausman put together. The fastball was consistently 95 plus and the delivery looked effortless. His delivery looked much more consistent and repeatable than what I had seen from him in a few starts at LSU. The phrase 'riding fastball' is fairly accurate to describe the way the ball came out of his hand. His eyes looked a little big in the first inning, but he settled in nicely and seemed to temper his emotions well. Statistically, some may be disappointed with the final stat line, but I'm not. When he threw the ball where he was supposed to, Jays hitters were not able to put good swings on it.

    There were two issues that I saw with Gausman's debut, the first being mechanical. Gausman has a lot of action in his delivery, which is fine because he repeats it. He falls into the habit of yanking his front side in an effort to get more finish on his pitches. This draws the ball up in the zone and can cause him to tug his fastball to the glove side. When he keeps his front side strong, the velocity identical, but the action on the pitches is much better. This is an issue of consistency that will be ironed out as he gets older.

    Critiques of Matt Wieters's defense are few and far between, but I was puzzled at his lack of an adjustment during the course of the game. The first time through the order, it was clear that the game plan was to establish the fastball and work off the slider, but as the game wore on, Wieters didn't give Gausman the opportunity to rely on his premium change up when the Jays became more comfortable with his fastball. Even if the change was out of the zone, as shown in the Batista strike out, the change of speeds is huge to throw off an opposing hitter. Also, when a guy is throwing consistently 96, you have to throw in on hitters, even if they're on the opposite side of the plate. The Lind single was a missed spot, but with a guy who has a long swing to begin with, why not try to tie him up?

    Overall, I was very satisfied with this debut. His finish and consistent stuff reminded me of a Justin Verlander type.

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