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    HHP: GCL Highlights

    by Triple Crown

    Stephen Tarpley pitched today, the third rounder looked pretty good. His fastball was 91-93 with a changeup of 81. Control was good, he worked on his fastball in the first inning and then started throwing more off speed pitches in the second. He told me he really didn't have a feel for his curve today and got loose in the second inning when his velocity increased a couple of ticks.

    He also said he hopes to make it to Aberdeen in the near future. He has been sent here to recover from a bout of mono he had a couple of months ago, says he lost about 25 pounds due to the illness. The only hit he gave up was an infield single up the middle that 2nd baseman Vargas was slow to get to

    The hitting has become non-existent the last few games, today Hart and Sisco 2 of the better hitters didn't play.

    Got to see Harvey's second outing today. First inning he got hit hard all hits were legit, I was standing behind the gun and he was sitting in the 90-92 range. Struggled with his off speed stuff today wasn't throwing any off speed for strikes. Appeared to get a little frustrated, but that can be expected for a young guy just getting his feet wet. Got called for a balk that no one in the stadium knew the reason why, some of these umps down here are a little over anxious sometimes.

    Cortright has a funky 3/4 delivery that definitely gets results. I've seen him throw twice and just watching he doesn't seem too impress, but you can't argue the results. Of course, this might not play out at the higher levels, but we'll see.

    Both of Pearce's hits were soft, he didn't hit anything hard all day. Same with Clevenger, haven't been too impressed with him the last couple of days.

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