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    HHP: Wildcard - "Where's the Beef?"

    by Wildcard

    With Matt Wieters (6'5". 240), Chris Davis (6' 3". 230) and Adam Jones (6' 3" 225) already in the weight room the O's have added Nelson Cruz (6' 2, 230) and Delmon Young (6' 3", 240). We know where the beef is. 

    Yesterday's 14-5 win over the Yankees kind of changed the early season perceptive for me. Adding the power of Cruz and Young to the O's has elevated the team that led all of baseball in homers with 212 to a new level. The barrage is just beginning.

    Young who was the #1 pick in the 2003 draft is no longer carrying around great expectations of high potential. He is now just one of boys hanging out in the weight room getting ready to mash.

    We have already seen at Cruz's press conference how the core O's team has accepted Nelson. He kind of fits right in.

    So maybe with Cruz in left the O's aren't the a better defensive team than in 2013 but they may score more runs. 

    So get ready of a summer of bashing, mashing and crushing. I think that is what we are going to see.



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