• Apr

    HHP: Observations From Durham

    by SpyFox

    Quintin Berry is an all-out effort defender. He made the defensive highlight of the game with a backwards leaping catch against the wall. He also had a high-flying dive later in the game on a bloop hit but came just short of catching it. 

    Jemile Weeks had two defensive mistakes at 2b, and both led to runs, though to be fair both were on moderately difficult plays. In the first inning he was indecisive in approaching a possible double play ball and ended up trying to tag the runner going to second instead of throwing to the shortstop, but he dropped the ball during the tag and everyone was safe. Later in the game, he let a tough one-hopper bounce off his glove and behind him, which led to the go-ahead run scoring.

    His numbers have been good overall so maybe this was just an anomaly, but Caleb Joseph looked terrible at the plate in this game. He struck out swinging in his first three plate appearances and was never really close-- he was off balance and way out in front of everything.

    TJ McFarland looked decent but not great in his start. His control was good until 2 walks in the sixth inning removed him from the game. He struck out 8 and didn't get hit very hard. But there was a lot of slow and over the plate, so I'm not sure if he would have had as much success in an MLB start.

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