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    HHP: Stotle About BP 2013 ReDraft

    by Stotle

    I participated in that (Baseball Prospectus ReDraft).

    BP loves Hunter Harvey.

    One of the non-BP scouting guys out there in the internet (Kiley McDaniels) did a podcast with Jim Callis and had a quote from a scouting director about Hunter Harvey last year before the draft (paraphrasing): 

    "I hope he's off the board before I pick. I don't want to draft him, but I also don't want to be known as one of the guys that passed on him." 

    That basically summed up Harvey's spring. Kiley or Callis (I don't remember who) also said that someone in the Orioles system had this to say about Harvey's early success (again, paraphrasing): 

    "We thought there was a 50% chance something like this would happen and he'd make a big jump right off the bat, and a 50% chance it might take him a couple of years to develop and put everything together. We were confident he would eventually be a very good ballplayer, but we weren't entirely confident as to when that would happen."

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