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    HHP: Midseason Grades After 81 Games

    by Frobby

    OK, the season is halfway over, so here are my midseason grades. All grades take into consideration what I expected from the player, but are not based solely on that.

    Chris Davis (.212/.333/.415, 13 HR, 41 RBI): D. His power numbers are way down, and his BA is very bad and dropping. The only good thing has been his walk rate. We really need Davis to get hot.

    Jonathan Schoop (.218/.262/.333, 6 HR, 21 RBI): D+. My expectations for Schoop weren't that high, but I can't give higher grade for a sub-.600 OPS. His defense has been very good, which is why I didn't grade him lower.

    Manny Machado (.239/.291/.371, 7 HR, 17 RBI): D+. Big drop from 2012-13. His defense has been good, but not as stellar as the last two years. He gets some slack because he was coming off an injury and started late.

    J.J. Hardy (.290/.315/.362, 1 HR, 19 RBI): D+. His power has disappeared, and depsite the good BA, his OBP is still below league average. Also, he's made 8 errors after a recent rash of bad fielding. 

    Nelson Cruz (.284/.351/.575, 25 HR, 66 RBI): A. Cruz has far exceeded expectations. He cooled off a lot in June, so we'll see about the second half.

    Adam Jones (.301/.324/.490, 14 HR, 48 RBI): A-. Adam continues to perform at a very high level. The swing at bad pitches are still annoying, but he has played well.

    Nick Markakis (.298/.358/.410, 7 HR, 29 RBI): B-. Nick has bounced back nicely from 2013, but his lack of speed and power is limiting the impact of his good BA/OBP numbers.

    Steve Pearce (.324/.385/.556, 7 hR, 21 RBI): A. Face it, Pearce has come out of nowhere to be one of the best hitters on the team.

    Delmon Young (.330/.355/.462, 3 HR, 11 RBI): A-. Could not have hoped for much more.

    David Lough (.191/.268/.287, 2 HR, 8 RBI): D. He was given first crack at being the everyday LF against RHB, and he failed. His defense is a plus but the bat has been very disappointing.

    Ryan Flaherty (.206/.270/.317, 3 HR, 13 RBI): D. He had a lot of chances to play in the first part of the season, and once again, didn't hit well enough to hold his spot.

    Caleb Joseph (.159/.247/.280, 2 HR, 7 RBI): D+. H ehas done much better than expected defensively, but his offense has largely been a black hole.

    Nick Hundley (.229/.278/.313, 1 HR, 6 RBI): D+. He's shown little to suggest that sending Steve Clevenger to AAA was a good move.

    Matt Wieters (.308/.339/.500, 5 HR, 18 RBI): Incomplete. We miss him.

    Chris Tillman (7-4, 4.18 ERA, 99 IP): C-. Has been OK, but I expected better.

    Bud Norris (7-5, 3.62 ERA, 87 IP): B+. Has done about as well as I could have hoped, hopefully his groin injury doesn't linger.

    Wei-Yin Chen (7-3, 4.19 ERA, 92.1 IP): B-. About what I expected.

    Miguel Gonzalez (4-5, 4.56 ERA, 73 IP): D+. Pretty disappointing performance for Miguel. I think he is headed for the bullpen.

    Ubaldo Jimenez (2-8, 4.70 ERA, 88 IP): D. We need more from Ubaldo, plain and simple. His record is partially the product of awful run support, but he hasn't been consistent at all.

    Kevin Gausman (3-2, 3.86 ERA, 28 IP): B+. Hoping for big things in the second half, though I feel he's an unfinished product.

    Zach Britton (1.52 ERA, 41.1 IP, 10 saves in 12 chances): A. I would have given him an A+ if he hadn't blown that save against the Yankees.

    Darren O'Day (1.36 ERA, 33 IP): A. Another excellent season for O'Day.

    Ryan Webb (2.48 ERA, 36.1 IP): B+. Maybe the most underrated pitcher on our staff. He has quietly done a great job.

    T.J. McFarland (2.70 ERA, 26.2 IP): B. Started slowly but has been great the last 5-6 weeks.

    Tommy Hunter (4.78 ERA, 26.1 IP, 11 saves): D. Washed out of the closer's role. Has looked a little better since returning to setup duty, but I'm still not confident in him.

    Brian Matusz (5.16 ERA, 29.2 IP): D. He is only trustworthy when David Ortiz is batting.

    Brad Bach (4.01 ERA, 24.2 IP): C. Has held his own, though he doesn't wow me.

    Evan Meek (7.47 ERA, 15.2 IP): F. I liked him at the start of the year, but he's been awful since.

    Overall team grade: C to C-. They're about what I expected, but I feel they could be a bit better. They are 7th in the AL in runs scored per game, 7th in ERA, 4th in fewest runs allowed per game.

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