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    HHP: RJNJ's Biggest Disappointments.

    by Hangout Staff

    1. Eduardo Rodriguez - Rodriguez ended his AA season last year with 3 strong starts. It looked like he might even begin the 2014 season in AAA. He returned to AA and should have dominated. Instead, on July 4, he sits with a 5.15 ERA. Still time to get back on track but not what was expected.

    2. Michael Ohlman - Coming off of a career year at Frederick, it was hoped that Ohlman would produce at AA and prove he could be an everday catcher defensively. With Wieters scheduled to leave after the 2015 season, a strong season would have put Ohlman on track for Baltimore in 2016. Unfortunately, Ohlman sits with .665 OPS. Combined with questionable defense, 2016 doesn't seem realistic at this point.

    3. Henry Urrutia - Urrutia was in the converstation to win the LF job with the O's in ST. After a mediocre spring, he got off to an awful start at Norfolk before going down with a sports hernia. He is scheduled to go on a rehab assignment next week. When he comes back, he will have to do quite a bit in a short time to put himself back into the big league picture heading into next year. At 27 years old, time is of the essence.

    4. Adrian Marin - Marin put up a decent season for 19 year old in his first full season at Delmarva last year. His age 20 season at Frederick would go a long way in determining what kind of prospect he really is. The answer is not a positive one so far. A .588 OPS and 7 walks in half a season of games (67) is not very good at all. Only 12 errors at SS, 17 doubles, and 2 homers are not bad. I would certainly not write him off as a prospect but he certainly looks like he needs to repeat Frederick next year. He'll be 21 next season, the age of most drafted college players so time is still on his side.

    5. Mike Wright - Even going into this season, many though he was a future reliever. However, coming off a strong season at Bowie, his complete collapse as a starter is still surprising this year. There was rumor of elbow problems in ST but he's made jus about every start this year with no further talk of it. Currently sitting with a 6.47 ERA after 16 starts with 104 hits in 79 IP.

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