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    A Great sports Weekend

    What a great weekend for me. Every team I rooted for this weekend won and after last week, that’s a good thing.


    First, the Terps took it to Wake Forest which begs the question, “Why in the world can’t this team show up for games against weaker opponents?”


    The loss against Middle Tennessee State earlier this year can sort of be overlooked due to it being early in the season and the team not really knowing who it was yet. But the absolute pathetic showing by the team against Virginia is a mystery. Yes, Virginia had some talent and was under achieving this year, but Virginia is supposed to be somewhat of a rival game where the teams should have been pretty fired up to play each other. Apparently Virgina was. Maryland, not so much.


    With such talented players like Darrius Heyward-Bey, Da’Rel Scott, Davin Meggett, and TE Dan Gronkowski, the team has some weapons on offense even if QB Chris Turner is really nothing more than a game manager. It just seems year after year if the Terps could just recruit a blue-chip QB they would really have themselves a top-25 program.


    The next win was my son’s football team the Elkridge Hurricanes who upset their rivals the West Howard Warhawks 28-24 on a 4th quarter TD in Mid-Maryland Youth Football League 9-11 National action. In the three years he’s been playing for the Hurricanes this was the first time they were able to win against the perennial powerhouse. Since Matt wrestles for the travel Warhawks wrestling squad, it was bittersweet.


    After those two victories on Saturday, Sunday came and the Ravens took care of business in Miami.


    It was a pretty solid overall effort by the Ravens especially after coming off such a beat down in Indianapolis the week before.


    Quarterback Joe Flacco looked more comfortable in the pocket and line, even with Chris Chester starter, did a good job of protecting him as well as opening up hole for Willis McGahee. Take away his fumble after his long screen pass reception, and McGahee had a tremendous game. He hit the holes hard and got positive yards on just about every carry.


    Although Chad Pennington threw for 295 yards, the defense did a pretty good job against the Dolphins’ offense and made their Wildcat offense look like the pee wee game plan that it is.


    I wasn’t too thrilled to see that Chris McAllister didn’t start, especially because that meant we had to watch Frank Walker, who always seems to play like he’s never actually played cornerback before. I’ve never actually seen a guy who seems to do something illegal on most plays and always seems like he’s on the edge of a 15-yard personal foul for something or other. Rumor has it that McAllister missed the team walk through on Saturday and that’s why he didn’t start. If that’s true, then I respect Coach Harbaugh for not starting him, but I question why he told the media it was because his leg is still a concern despite the fact that he practiced all week and did not show up on the injury report.


    Either way, I sure hope this gets worked out because the less I see of Walker on the field the better I feel about our chances of stopping the opponents offense.


    After those wins it was only fitting that the Tampa Bay Rays finishing off the Red Sox last night would complete my perfect sports weekend.


    It’s not that I have some sort of love for the Rays because I really don’t. Sure, they are a good story and if the Orioles can’t win in the East I’d probably root for the Rays over anyone else in the East, but this is all about Red Sox hating my friends.


    I try not to use the word hate too much, so we’ll go with despise. I despise the Red Sox and their obnoxious fans and I root for any team that plays them. Ok, I can’t actually root for the Yankees when they play them because my head would implode, but I find great happiness in watching the Red Sox lose.


    Mainly it’s all about their obnoxious fans who filter their way down from Boston and up from Northern Virginia and into Camden Yards. Unlike other fans who just root for their teams, Red Sox fans start their obnoxious “Let’s go Red Sox” chants shortly after their team gets their first hit. In many parts of Camden Yards, Orioles fans can’t even enjoy the game because of obnoxious Bo Sox fans surround them in their green and pink trendy Red Sox hats.


    It’s not only Camden Yards they infest, but other stadiums as well. The front-runner Red Sox fan is everywhere it seems and there’s nothing worse then an obnoxious guest. That’s exactly what they are, obnoxious guests, and now they are crying because the little upstart Rays with their little payroll beat them.


    Good for the Rays, and good for me!!


    Snyder on Fire


    Oh, and just for a little Orioles content, Brandon Snyder went 4-for-8 with three doubles in Arizona Fall League action over the weekend. He’s batting a cool .476 (10-21) with five doubles and a home run through six games. Not too bad for the Orioles Single-A representative.



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