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    Britton won't change despite going with Boras

    After the news broke that Zach Britton signed on with super agent Scott Boras, I made the comments that I was disappointed in his decision. Afterall, Boras clients are not known to sign extensions and they normally are more worried about the almighty dollar more than anything else. In a division with the Yankees and Red Sox, that's not a good thing at all. Amateur players that have Boras as an advisor are guaranteed to miss most of the summer in "contract negotiations" and we all know what happened with Mark Teixeira situation. In the end, I've personally never thought Boras was good for baseball and unless you are a Yankees fan, he's not good for seeing your best players stay with your organization.

    This is why I felt it was disappointing to see a high character guy like Britton make the jump. In my dealings with Zach over the years, I never saw any kind of arrogance from him. He was certainly self confident, but I never got the feeling that he was doing this just for a pay day. He seemed to genuinely care about the fans and most importantly, becoming the best pitcher he can be.

    I talked with Zach yesterday and he wanted to make sure that the fans did not get the wrong impression of him due to the switch. He was well aware of Boras' reputation and he said he was initially hesitant due to that reputation. However, Britton's Tides teammate Jake Arrieta had given Boras a glowing review and after being disappointed with the fact that the Hendricks brothers (his current agency) were not going to be directly involved with him until he made the major leagues, he decided he wanted to look at different options.

    Boras took four hours to talk with Zach and it was during that time that Zach felt Boras was passionate about baseball and with helping him achieve his greatness. The Boras Corporation includes first class work out facilities, trainers and a personal nutritionist. Most importantly though, he was impressed by the support system available to his fiancée while he's on the road or unavailable. 

    All of these things were definitely a plus, but in the end, Zach felt that Boras was going to work for him, and not the other way around. He made it clear that he will ultimately make the decisions and if he wants to stay an Oriole for life, he will. Zach loves being an Oriole and looks forward to becoming a big part of a winning future at Camden Yards.

    In the end, I'm glad my initial impressions of Britton were right. He cares deeply about becoming the best pitcher he can become and he thinks going under Boras can help him fulfill those goals. It was also obvious that he also cares very deeply about how fans view him and he wants to make them proud.

    Although it's unknown what the future will hold, the one thing is clear is that going under Boras is not going to change Zach Britton.

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