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    Keith Law offbase on O's off season

    ESPN's Keith Law was interviewed and basically bagged on the Orioles for thier offseason. Let's just say I disagree.

    The Orioles added two players in their prime in Reynolds and Hardy and filled in areas of need with solid veterans without blocking a single realistic minor league option.

    It's pipe dream to think the Orioles just took $8 million from their scouting and development budget. Guess what, the Orioles weren't going to spend that money on scouting regardless. People like Law and other so-called experts in the national media have no clue how things work in the organization so they assume money spent here means money not spent elsewhere.

    The Orioles did exactly what they should have done this offseason. They improved in four positions in their lineup without touching their core young starting pitchers.

    I'd like to know what these experts think we should have done this offseason? I guess the Orioles are not suppose to better themselves because clearly we are not going to contend right? Bullcrap!

    We have our core pitching prospects (minus Britton) here now. Wieters is here now. It's time to get out of the defeatist attitude that the Orioles are supposed to just lay down. Lay down until when? When in the hell are we supposed to "go for it?" Who in the hell are we waiting on?

    Should the Orioles do more in international scouting? ABSO-Freakin'-lutely. Should the Orioles pour more money into the Rule-4 draft and hiring more scouts? Sure. But anyone who thinks the $8 million spent on Vlad somehow set us back just doesn't get how things work.

    The Orioles success hinges on the continued development of the young starting pitchers, along with the development of players like Markakis, Jones, and Wieters.

    I've been a critic of MacPhail when I thought it needed to be said, but at the same time I'm giving him credit for making this team much better than it was last year. Did the Red Sox improve? Absolutely. Are we in the toughest Division in baseball? Right on the mark!

    But at the end of the day I don't see how anyone can not think this team is better than the team from last year, a team who's historically bad start made their record much worse than it should have been.

    We might not contend this year, I certainly don't know, but I do know that if things break for the team that they can be much more competitive and could be in the wild card hunt.

    I completely and utterly reject any notion that this off season hurt the organization's development in any way. If we were trading young core pieces for guys like Lee or Vlad then I could understand, but the only player we gave up of value this offseason with David Hernandez and Kevin Gregg was signed as his replacement.

    The only truth is the haters are hating because it's convenient. The Orioles are going to be continually bashed in the national press until they start to win. I completely understand that, but it's sad to see some around here buy into what the national media tells them is right.

    Maybe someone shot me up with orange koolaid steroids or something but I tell you what, for the first time in many, many years, I believe in this team. I believe for once they have the horses to challenge for a wildcard if some things go right.

    I'd be shocked and disappointed if this team doesn't win at least 85 games. That won't win them a WC, but it certainly shows they are moving in the right, not wrong direction.

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Tony Pente

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