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    Britton just being Britton

    Britton just being Britton

    You have to like the fact that Zach Britton was not feeling well last night and still was able to toss a solid six innings. I’ll tell you another thing, when Britton gets some seniority in the major leagues and starts getting some close pitches called strikes, he’s going to be even more of a beast.

    Despite concerns by some over Britton’s “lack of command,” his 61% strike percentage is only 2% below the 63% major league average and includes an 18% swinging strike percentage that’s 3% over the 15% major league average. Not surprisingly his groundball to flyball (1.34) and his ground out to flyball out (1.76) ratios are significantly better than the (0.82) and (1.11) major league average. Oh and his 19% double play percentage is much higher than the major league average of 11%. It’s just four games, but we’ve yet to see Britton click on all cylinders over an entire start and he’s already showing the ability to get groundball outs on a regular basis.

    So far my pre-season prediction that Britton would lead the team in wins and win rookie of the year is still looking pretty good.

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