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    Taking Bundy was the right choice

    With the top three college arms off the table, the Orioles decide to take high school right-hander Dylan Bundy with the fourth overall pick in the 2011 draft.

    Despite my personal reservations about taking a high school arm this high in the draft, it's hard to argue with this selection. Bundy, is the 18-year old brother of Orioles top prospect Bobby Bundy, who was just named the O's minor league pitcher of the month for May. As good as Bobby is, Dylan is even more highly regarded with a mid-90s fastball, an outstanding cutter, a plus curve and a changeup that show promise.

    Despite being a high school pitcher, Bundy is considered very advanced by scouts. Here's a few quotes from an article by AZcentral.com from several MLB scouts:

    "I saw Bundy throw," said a scout with an American League team, "and it was the best-pitched high school game I've seen in my 20 years of scouting."

    "The day I saw Bundy," said an NL scout, "I could tell you it was the best I've seen a high school pitcher."

    A high-ranking NL executive who saw Bundy throw said he liked him - to start a game in the big leagues the next day, that is.

    Our own Amateur Scouting expert Nick Faleris, who also operates Diamondscape Scouting put out a full scouting report on Bundy.  His synopsis, Bundy is a potential top of the rotation or solid mid-rotation starter.

    Before the draft Bundy and his camp floated a $30 million payday and major league contract, but Orioles Scouting Director Joe Jordan usually has a good idea of what it will take to sign a guy and there's no way the Orioles would have drafted him if that was going to be his actual price tag.

    Despite the fact Dylan has said all the right things and wants to play with his brother, I expect negotiations to go down to the wire but in the end I expect the O's to get Bundy into the system by mid-August. Hopefully it's before that but the business side is never that easy.

    The Orioles passed on highly regarded Anthony Rendon, who was widely considered an advanced college bat. Rendon has struggled with ankle injuries and a shoulder injury that has caused him to mainly DH this season as his power has dropped off with the new college bats.

    In the end, it was too much for the Orioles to pass up a potential top of the rotation pitcher, and despite the risks of taking a high school arm, this looks like a solid pick in my estimation.

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