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    The Orioles would have been better off as an expansion team in 1998

    How bad have the Orioles been over the last 14 years?

    Well, longtime Hangouter and occasional contributor Jon Wilt (aka: DrungoHazewood) made this post in a thread titled, “What's wrong with our system?”:

    Number of years it took expansion teams to get to .500:

    Astros: 8
    Angels: 2
    Royals: 3
    Padres: 10
    Expos: 11
    Blue Jays: 7
    Mariners: 15
    Senators II: 9
    Mets: 8
    Brewers: 10
    Rockies: 4
    Marlins: 5
    Rays: 11
    D'Backs: 2

    The Mariners are the only expansion team that started off with nothing who had a losing run as bad as the 1998-2011 Orioles.

    This my friends is what’s called the painful truth. Fourteen of fifteen expansion teams have made it to .500 before the 1998-2011 Orioles have and they started out with other teams’ rejects.

    This means an organization like the Toronto Blue Jays that started opening day in 1977 with a lineup that included Doug Ault, Hector Torres, John Scott, Steve Bowling, Pedro Garcia, Gary Woods and Bill Singer , a 33-year old in his last major league season as the opening day starter was able to win 50% of their games within seven years yet the Orioles are about to complete their 14th straight sub .500 season.

    By the way, that very organization which has been in the AL East the entire time with the Orioles now has a career winning percentage of .497 while the Orioles career winning percentage is .491 over the same span.





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