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    Lacava leaving without a contract is business as usual for O's

    Longtime Orioles Hangout poster TonySoprano made this comment after hearing that GM candidate Tony Lacava met with Angelos yesterday but walked away without a contract offer, “I find it amusing that people are surprised by the deliberation, procrastination, and yes, mental masturbation that occurs with the Orioles' "process.". Business as usual, but some don't know their history.”

    I don’t know if our fans don’t know the history, but some fail to learn from it. As I said all along, I would be shocked if the Orioles hired one of Dipoto or Lacava just because it's out of the norm for them. Everything I've heard about Lacava is he's a fantastic baseball guy, well liked and respected and would make a great hire. Only the Orioles bring a guy like this in twice, including an interview with Angelos and let him walk away with no offer. It's just par for the course when it comes on how Angelos operates. It's this kind of culture that has the organization in its current predicament. Unfortunately, it will always be this way as long as Angelos owns the team. This organization will have to find a way to be successful in spite of him, not because of him.

    According to Roch at MASN, Lacava walked away from the interview encouraged and would take the job if offered. Orioles officials responded by saying there is nothing imminent and more candidates could still be interviewed.

    Meanwhile Cleveland has already traded for a starting pitcher and free agency begins on Thursday.

    My guess is that Angelos needs to deliberate, think about it some more, maybe even take a vacation before making a decision. Afterall, it works well as lawyer, so why wouldn’t it work well when making decision for a baseball team?

    Oh, that’s right, 14 years of losing says it doesn’t work.

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