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    Loewen Impresses

    Ok, anyone who’s not impressed with Adam Loewen after he shut down the USA WBC All-Star lineup please stand next to Sapper (Hangout infamous message board poster). Seriously though, although the 21-year old wasn’t perfect and threw less strikes than I would have liked, the fact is he shut out an All-Star lineup and got one ground ball after another.


    Now I would have love to give you a pitch by pitch scouting report, but thanks to the fact the darn Cuba vs Panama game went into extra innings, I missed Loewen’s first two innings of work. By the time I figured out it might be on ESPN proper, I got caught up into working some issues for the site and missed most of his work. But from what I did see, Loewen did the job, and that’s not too bad for a kid who’s never pitched above Single-A (AFL notwithstanding).


    "A lot of people questioned why we made the switch, why we would throw a young gun into a situation like that," Whitt told MLB.com. "But to me, it's a coming-out party for Loewen, and he handled it very well and kept us in the game."


    It certainly may have been.



    Speaking of the USA’s WBC team, am I the only guy who’s never even heard of reliever Gary Majewski and Brian Fuentes?  I had to look them up and that’s when I found out Fuentes saved 31 games last year for Colorado and Majewski pitched in 79 games for the Nationals last year. Either way, are these guys two of the best relievers the USA could get? I know the team needs some middle relievers, and teams weren’t going to give up starters unless they were used as starters, but if someone would have told me the USA team would have guys on the roster I’ve never heard of I would have put down some money on that. Thankfully I’m not a betting man.


    Relaford vs Garabito

    How come it Desi Relaford is getting more playing time this spring than Eddy Garabito? Relaford was released last year by the Colorado Rockies last year while Garabito hit .307 with a .384 OBP last year with the same club. Garabito got short changed earlier in his career when the Orioles never gave him a chance in a utility role, and it appears so far history is repeating itself. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have Gomez starting at second and Garabito as the utility guy if Roberts is unable to go by opening day than a Gomez/Relaford combo.

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