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    The guys who got us here are not getting it done

    It's still an emotional time for all of us, but this loss sits on the shoulder of three people, Adam Jones, Jim Johnson and Matt Wieters.

    First off, Adam Jones had a great year, but he's been terrible with the bat for over a week now and his ridiculously poor play in CF that cost the Orioles a run is the reason this team went into extra innings in the first place. Jones is apparently unable to control his emotions enough to be an effective player in his first big stage. It's ashame because we know how much he cares.

    We would not be here if not for Jim Johnson. But he's now lost a game and blown a save in two out of the three games. Again, like with Jones, it's not a lack of desire or talent, its just maybe the emotions of the big stage is a little too much. When you are hyped up, the sinker tends to flatten and that's what been happening to JJ. It stinks, but he's coming up small.

    And finally Wieters. We all know by now that Wieters is who he is with the bat. He's a mediocre hitter who will hit an occasional bomb, but he's slower than a crippled snail and he doesn't have very many productive at bats. But, usually you can count him behind the dish but there was absolutely no reason to call fastballs to Ibanez. Ibanez sits on fastballs, and on 1-0 from JJ, there was no reason to go to the fastball/sinker, especially with a hyped up JJ. "Amazingly" once he started to mix in his offspeed pitches how much better he was after that.

    However, in what might be the worse pitch selection in the history of the game, he calls for a first pitch fastball from Brian Matusz to Ibanez in the 11th? Did that really happen? I mean, I'm serious. I can't get my mind around the fact that any person with a lick of baseball sense would throw that pitch to Ibanez on 0-0. I can't wrap my mind around it still. I've seen calls I didn't agree with, but I'm literally dumbfounded that anyone would even vaguely consider calling a fastball in that situation to a guy who just hit a fastball for a homer in the last at bat and sits fastball.

    I mean, there's dumb, then there's that pitch selection.

    At the end of the day, the Orioles deserved that loss. Miguel Gonzalez certainly didn't, but this was a team loss led by the guys who are supposed to be our top players.

    It's been a great year, and I'm not saying the Orioles can't come back, but if they don't come back they've got no one to blame but themselves.

    They got themselves to the big stage, but the big stage is proving to be a little too bright for these first timers.

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Tony Pente

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