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    Firestone and Mora

    Sometimes you just wake up on the lucky side of the bed. Of course when I do it, Roy Firestone wants to write for my site.


    As I’m sure most of you know by now, seven-time Emmy and cable ACE award winner Roy Firestone decided to become part of our Hangout community and staff. Obviously, when a guy of that statue wants to be part of your site, you don’t question why. After talking with him on the phone, it became quite apparent why anyways. He is one of the biggest Orioles fan I’ve talked with and that’s saying something.


    Not only is Roy going to do some articles and features, but he’s also going to blog on the message board. He’s been reading the Hangout for years and wants the give and take of talking with other diehard Orioles fans.


    We couldn’t be happier to have Roy as part of our Hangout community and staff and we hope you all enjoy interacting with him as well.


    Mora’s bunt


    Somehow I knew there would be a little bit of discussion on Melvin Mora’s bunt attempt last night with one out and the winning run on third base. After listening to last night’s Sam Perlozzo press conference, it was pretty obvious Mora choose to do this on his own. The question is why?


    I still don’t know because when I look at the entire situation, first and third with one out, I still can’t see why he would think a bunt in that situation was a good thing. The only thing I can think about is that he flashed some sort of inside player to player sign to Patterson and Patterson didn’t see it.


    Patterson could clearly be seen asking “Did I miss a sign?” to third base coach Juan Samuel right after Mora became out number two. The way Mora glared at Patterson after the play as he walked back to the dugout would seem to indicate he thought Patterson should have been running on the play.


    Without a squeeze of some kind, I can’t see how anyone would expect the runner to run on a play right back to the pitcher. The only thing I can fathom is that Mora flashed a sign to Patterson and was trying to push the bunt past the pitcher towards second base.


    Next time, swing the bat Melvin.


    Giving some credit


    Although I’m a bit concerned over his over usage of the bullpen and the fact that Freddie Bynum is taking up a roster spot when Jon Knott is in Norfolk, you have to give manager Sam Perlozzo some credit for the 11-8 start.


    He’s starting to use his relievers for more than one inning occasionally and I do like the fact that’s he been pretty much spot on when removing his starting pitchers so far. Still, the Orioles are facing a rookie left-hander today and I sure wish Knott was in the lineup.

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